Backup as a Service


 Disaster Recovery as a Service

What is it?


Cloud Backup or Backup as a Service (BaaS) protects the customer’s data in the cloud. This allows the customer to recover a file or a server back to hardware on the customer premises. Cloud Backup may integrate with a customer’s on-premises backup software, such as CommVault, ArcServe, or Symantec, and often serves as a replacement for tape. Alternately, Backup as a Service is a managed solution in which the provider brings the software to the customer premises.


Cloud DR or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) protects the customer’s business, as opposed to only the data. This allows the customer to recover their entire IT environment – servers, storage, network, data, and apps – in the cloud. Customers can quickly resume business operations in a matter of hours., instead of waiting until their onsite environment is rebuilt. Disaster Recovery typically leverages replication technologies, which can be host-based (at the server level), like Double-Take or Zerto, or array-based (at the storage level), like EMC or NetApp replication. Customer Example • A customer with no retail locations needed to ensure the safety of their online store, as it was responsible for generating the vast majority of their revenue. Their site had recently gone down for a full day, resulting in lost revenue of almost $200,000. To ensure that this didn't happen again, the customer invested in a disaster recovery plan. Their final solution had an RTO of one hour, meaning their losses in the event of a site failure would be less than $8000. Furthermore, after accounting for even the smallest estimates of another failure, the new plan yielded a positive ROI in line with that of the company's other projects. Why Consider It? • Protect critical data and applications • Compliance regulation requirements • Resume operations faster and easier • Complex & costly to do it yourself, this is why you call a Technology Broker.